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Renderings Of Mahi Shrine Mixed-Use Project Show Big Box Stores With A River View

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The folks over at exMiami dug up the renderings and plans for Andrew Hellinger's big new River Landing mixed-use project on the site of the Mahi Shrine (HQ of those fez wearing, little car driving, Shriners) on the Miami River. Designed by ADD Inc., the complex is a vertical mosh pit of residential towers, amenity decks, retail, parking, and big box stores with a river view... kind of like an encapsulation of pleasant middle-class suburban life in a self contained urban bubble. Attention has been paid to the Riverwalk, which is green, and active, and connected to the street by some kind of glass-topped atrium. Oh, and it looks like they're promoting a giant movie screen on the side of the building overlooking some kind of park-like green space. "Here's looking at you kid"
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