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Restaurant Michael Schwartz; Emack & Bolio's Now Open

The dessert dish by Eater Miami...

1) South Beach: The Cypress Room just opened up, but that doesn't mean that Michael Schwartz isn't still running full speed ahead. His project at The Raleigh has almost come to completion. Check out these photos of his latest restaurant, Restaurant Michael Schwartz, before it opens.

2) Littla Havana: Yes, there are some pretty good food spots around here and in honor of Burger Week, we went the Cuban route and interviewed El Rey de Las Fritas. Check out what owner Mercedez Gonzalez has to say about the popular fritas joint.

3) South Beach: One more spot to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings is never a bad then. Behold, the Bostonian Emack & Bolio's. The newly opened spot serves up all homemade sweet stuff including ice cream, chocolates, smoothies and frozen yogurts. And if you're celebrating 4/20, they've got a deal for you.
#&183; Eater Miami [miami.eater]