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Comment of the day

"I am glad they are scaling down their plans. Genting's prior plans for Resorts World Miami would have dealt a serious blow to the city. Sure we'd have some temporary construction jobs and low paying service jobs, but the mega resort would have killed dozens of restaurants and other local businesses. Genting would have tried to keep everybody on Genting property only, depriving a number of tourists the true "Miami" experience they came for. This new design seeks to supplement our local economy, not engulf it. I'm still not entirely convinced they won't push for a casino again. That issue certainly isn't settled yet. And WmXavier is just an account that Genting created to sell their project to you. Don't buy into it."-anon. [Genting Presents A Whole New Plan For The Miami Herald Site]

Resorts World Miami

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL 33132