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Comment of the day

"Have planners been considering in connection with this project the pedestrian access across fifth street at West avenue and also Alton Road? What is needed there is a pedestrian bridge to connect both walkers and bikers to the waterfront south of fifth and onto S. Alton road. Getting across that intersection at this time is an inconvenient, dangerous and time consuming endeavor. Has the city of Miami Beach considered a pedestrian/bike overpass across 5th at this location? Now would be the time to consider getting something underway, since a project such as this will attract a lot of pedestrians that will have to cross through that nightmare- for- a -pedestrian intersection."-Evji108 [Current 500-600 Alton Road Plan A NIMBY Fan Fave But Bores Everyone Else To Bits]

Sobe Park

500 Alton Road, Miami Beach, Florida