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Now Both Convention Center Teams Want To Keep The Jackie Gleason Theater

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Well folks, for a minute there the oedipalian (hey, we made up a word!) war of the convention center seemed to be all about the Jackie Gleason Theater, with those who valued and wanted to preserve the theater fiercely siding with the South Beach-ACE team, while others who were a little more 'meh' about the idea joining the Portman-CMC camp. But now, oh ho! Having earlier hinted at it, Portman-CMC, and their superstar architect Bjarke Ingels, have announced that they're keeping the Jackie Gleason Theater, and have figured out how to incorporate it into the existing design.

Here's how:
1) They'll upgrade the theater, making the technology fancier-shmancier.
2) The current operator, Live Nation, will remain the primary operator.
3) Cirque du Soleil will join, complementing Live Nation's operations.
4) They'll add a Jukari facility (whatever that is?) where people can learn fancy gymnastic-type stuff with Cirque du Soleil performers, which sounds like a fancy trapeze school for tourists.
5) The west facade, facing the new Convention Center Square, will be opened up with a new "educational center for the performing arts—a training ground for music, dance, theater, and sports. In addition to keeping the existing concert programming, this element will honor Jackie Gleason by furthering the art of performance" Mmkay.
6) The theater will be opened up on every side to provide accessibility to Soundscape Park, the Convention Center Square.
7) The theater will be the southern gateway to the whole convention center district.
8) The hotel footprint will be adjusted, with hotel rooms adjacent to the south end of the convention center.
9) A statue of Jackie Gleason will be placed somewhere (no word on where yet) to honor The Great One's memory.
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