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"The only thing that bothers me are all the images of people sitting in these green spaces that will be as dead as the green spaces in front of the New World Symphony, the Bass Museum, South Point park (west of smith and wollensky's), and even Lummus Park. Green/public space is only as good as the activities on its edges or some kind of 'program' which drives its use. Both of these designs are struggling with what to do with all the extra acreage the City has dedicated to this project. They don't have enough uses to justify all that area so they make 'green space' which will remain empty most of the time. We have one hugely successful park here (the actual beach) and one hugely successful public space, Lincoln Road. Unless one of the designs creates a reason to occupy their proposed green spaces, why would anybody go?"-anon. [Now Both Convention Center Teams Want To Keep The Jackie Gleason Theater]

Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139