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Comment of the day

"Gross, They should have renovated the historic Urmey Hotel which stood on the site until 2005 (notable for being the only private hotel in Downtown Miami not taken over by the military during the 2nd world war. This building doesn't even nod to the 100% historic corner on which it is located, the Olympia, the Ingraham, even the Huntington building and the Langford right up the street. The fact that Miami architecture firms cannot even NOD or ACKNOWLEDGE the history of the place, and would rather stand aloof with tall shoulders over Downtown, is why Miami will never be the dynamic font of urbanism people expect it to be. Theres no play between old and new, just the new speaking loudly to drown out the old. Chicago, New York and Boston know this, Austin, San Francisco, and Portland know this, even Troy New York knows this. Miami : where sexy buildings are as shallow and contrived as the coke-head expat jersey shorers who inhabit them."-Scott Douglass [Centro Unveils Its New Look, Towers Over Gusman]