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Miami's Garage-less Condo Tower, Centro, Is Getting The Yves Behar Treatment

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That garage-less condo tower soon going up in Downtown Miami that's causing so much hoopla, Centro, (No parking garage? How could they?!) will have its interiors and public spaces designed by the super famous designer Yves Behar in collaboration with the building's architects, Sieger Suarez. It'll also have, as one comes to expect in high-design condo buildings in Miami's urban core, amenities up the wazoo, including a 'two story penthouse recreation area', a health club & spa, something that sounds like a dog park, ground floor retail & restaurant, and (ironically for a building with no parking) full service valet. But, hey, this is a rather curious building, full of anachronisms.

There's valet, but no parking. It has a famous designer and twelve foot ceilings, but (and get this) bedroom windows are tall and narrow, depriving its occupants of sun, which is basically a god-given right in Miami. Yeppers. Check 'em out in the floorplans below. We hear it might have something to do with the fire code, but still, it's like the 70s all over again.

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