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Big Confab To Plan Golden Future Of Miami-Dade Mass Transit

Miami-Dade County is hosting a 2013 Transit Summit on June 6th at Miami Dade College's Wolfson Campus, with topical sessions, which the county government envisions as a start to a great debate and — dare to dream — ever greater future for our metropolis through mass transit. Lovers of mass transit, urban planners, and transit wonks across our — sadly automobile dependent — subtropical paradise will convene to envisage a golden age of trains, and trolleys, Baylinks, and Bike-Sharing.

Ok, that was sarcasm. Sure, this conference and whatever momentum it creates could be flop like that half cent sales tax hike that was supposed to build miles of new metrorail lines which still don't exist, but it could also be successful. If in 15 years trains are as prolific as highways, consider June 6th the day that Dade County finally got mass transit right.
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