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Much Ado At Disney's 90% Sold Palau At Sunset Harbour

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Although Palau At Sunset Harbour has announced that they are almost 90% sold according to a recent press release, there's trouble in the Magic Kimgdom because the Miami Beach City Commission has recommended that the Miami Beach Design Review Board reconsider its approval of Palau in its current form. NIMBYs, ensconced in their mansions on Sunset Islands three and four (where most Palau-related objections have originated from) rejoice at their win against the project, even though Miami Beach city planners have praised it - with its street level retail, central court yard, rooftop pool, canal-side boardwalk, and low-rise apartments - as one of the best residential projects to be built in Miami Beach in a long time. It's a saga as dramatic as a Disney fairy tale.
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