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Royal Palm Hotel & Mini Miami Circles Dug Up At Met Square

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On the site of the soon to rise architectural slap-in-the-face that is the Met Square tower, archeologists have found, according to the Miami Herald, remnants of Henry Flagler's Royal Palm Hotel which, as destination for Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway and Miami's first full-fledged hotel, was basically the single building that in-and-of-itself made Miami. Yep, they just found the building that is the reason you live here now.

These remnants included everything from clay bricks to room keys, and planks of wood in Flagler's signature yellow paint. Brick bases of the hotel's original verandah were dug up, and even the Miami River's original shoreline, at one time much further inland than it is today. But that's not all. Knowing that the hotel had originally been built on Tequesta land, the intrepid archeologists kept on digging down, and in a layer beneath dug up a couple of mini versions of the famous Miami Circle across the river.
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Met Square

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