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Renderings Show The 1 Hotel's "Going Green" Thing, Kinda

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Is this oddly half glass/half wall building an environmentally sustainable luxury hotel? Will it save the planet while keeping its fluffed and tuffed guests ensconsed in luxury? You can get your lux living on and save the planet too, according to the press releases and PR ballyhooing of the hotel formerly known as the Perry, Gansevoort South, and Roney Palace, and now called the 1 Hotel (and residences) South Beach. Press releases are lightly scattered with buzzwords like "LEED certified", "green walls" and "Energy Star" which, although good, don't make the place seem to embody the idea of saving the planet all that much.

Neither do the official renderings seem all that super green. Is it just the old 1970s concrete barn of a building with more landscaping, earth tones, and driftwood lamps?An unofficial rendering leaked from The Rosy Lion is the kicker, showing the ocean-side view with an awkward asymmetry resulting from one wing being opened up with floor-to-ceiling windows and one not. Hey 1 Hotel, if you're not going to save the planet, at least save our eyes from an awkwardly unbalanced facade. Like paisley pants, it just looks wrong.
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