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Could A Mysterious Megaproject Be Built Next To The Freedom Tower?

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It looks like the Chateau Group, which just recently submitted plans for a 704 foot tall project on the block surrounding Miami's Freedom Tower at 600 Biscayne Boulevard, has also submitted plans for a 709 foot tower on the block directly to the north at 700 Biscayne Boulevard, which they also own, according to the administrators at On the one hand, this basically fills in the gap in Miami's skyline between the Freedom Tower and the ginormous Marina Blue condo tower two blocks away, but on the other hand its impact on the much smaller historic tower is still a total mystery.

There have been towers previously planned for both sites, so they may be the same designs, or not. The new tower at 600 Biscayne is about 50 feet taller than the one previously planned. It was called Freedom Square. The project at 700 Biscayne was called Paramount Park. And the mystery continues...

We're still looking for plans, renderings, and the like. So, if you've got the scoop, please let us know.
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