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Doh! Shifting MIA's runways 5 degrees will solve EVERYTHING!

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Developers across South Florida can stop burning effigies of the Federal Aviation Administration with the blueprints of their vertically challenged condo towers because old-time Miami developer, and a guy that has built a whole lot of shit across this city, Tibor Hollo made a suggestion in the 30th anniversary special section of Miami Today which, now that he said it, seems totally fricken obvious: shift MIA's northern and southern runways (the ones that go east and west) five degrees in each direction to divert planes around downtown. Ok, maybe ten degrees, just in case. Anywho, there's no link to the article because Miami Today is in the stone age (you're 30 years old, not 1 million), so check out their main page here.
· Miami Today [miamitodaynews]