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Construction Starts On Two 79th Street Apartment Towers

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A Curbed reader noticed that "the first dirty movers showed up this morning and work has begun on the Adler's big project" The Shorecrest Luxury Apartments, in the sweeping curve of the 79th Street Causeway as it descends to the mainland. A former Related Group project, the rather bland but nice Shorecrest is a pair of towers now under the aegis of developers the Adler Group. The project will be the first element of a long-hoped for revitalization of 79th Street from the bay to Biscayne Boulevard (where developers have recently snapped up a few major properties, including Biscayne Plaza and the former INS Building) and further west to the Little River.

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The Shorecrest Luxury Apartments

7950 NE Bayshore Court, Miami, Florida