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The Miami Herald's 'Last Run' At Its Downtown Building Is Happening Right Now

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The last pages of the Miami Herald to be printed at the newspaper's building in downtown Miami - this Sunday's Travel Section - are running through the paper's great presses as this post is being typed. Logistically, this is because those types of non-newsy sections of the paper are printed in advance. Tomorrow's paper is coming from the Herald's new plant in Doral. The downtown presses will in fact run for one more day, tomorrow, for outside clients who, lacking printing presses of their own, send their stuff to the Herald to be printed. But, however you cut it, the Miami Herald's final downtown press run is happening right now, and will land on your doorstep (if you subscribe) as a portion of this Sunday's paper. Check out Curbed Miami's photo tour of the paper's old home tomorrow.
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Miami Herald Building

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Florida