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With Port Tunnel 90% Dug, Harriet Is About To Break Through

Our favorite old girl, Harriet the tunnel boring machine, is about to make her smashing entrance back on to Watson Island, concluding her great underground adventure beneath Government Cut. According to PortMiami's Facebook page "Almost Done! The dig portion of the Port Tunnel is now 90% complete. Stay tune for a finish date when Harriet, the giant boring machine, returns to the mainland marking the conclusion of the most challenging portion of this mammoth construction project." And Miami will have two brand-spanking-new wormhole-like holes connecting our port with an already perpetually clogged up highway, or a dramatic and efficient new entrance to a fabulous international-calibre port. It's all how you look at it really.

P.S. If Curbed Miami doesn't get tickets to see Harriet's big breaking out we will... well... please don't make us beg. You can reach us here.
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