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The Barefoot Mailman Comes To Bal Harbour, Upside-Down

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For the second iteration of Bal Harbour's surprisingly-insightful-for-a-city-of-cloistered-rich-people public art series Unscripted, artist Christy Gast is using as her subject the Barefoot Mailman, that legendary letter carrier who used to walk the sand from Palm Beach to Miami with the mail slung across his back. Well, kind of. It's really herself dressed up as the Barefoot Mailman, a subterfuge impersonation of the iconic character, in a heroic pose. Then humorously/subversively flipped upside down. The sculpture is being installed in Founder's Circle today, so far now here's an artist's sketch of the completed work. Notably, the real barefoot mailman used to walk past the very beach that would one day become Bal Harbour.
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