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Cute Brickell Apartments Being Replaced By Taller Tower

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Here's a question for you, Curbed readers. When this super cute block of art deco apartments with its sleek lines, portholes, dramatic vertical element, and courtyard was built, it would have had a gorgeous view into Simpson Park, a rare patch of old growth Florida hammock wedged in between Brickell's north and south halves. Then the Metrorail came and that park view became a Metrorail view, taking away one of the building's biggest assets. Yes, Metrorail's underbelly was landscaped, so the setting remained kinda nice, but was probably not the winner it once was. Still, if we remember correctly, the building was cool enough to be featured in a scene from There's Something About Mary.

Now, sales for a new tower on the same site but tall enough to recapture those grand park views have been announced. The tower is, aptly and with a flourish, called Le Parc. And sure, renderings show Le Parc to be a good looking building by architect Luis Revuelta, but without quite the architectural je ne sais quoi of its predecessor. And the taller height certainly is beneficial for the building, and is even perhaps more appropriate for the current site, but at what cost? Curbed readers, what do you think?

Are the historic apartments better, or do you prefer the new design? A rendering of the new look is after the jump. Do let us know, in the comments.

BONUS FEATURE: the new building's interiors are being done by French furniture company Ligne Roset.

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