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A $100 Million PH Is FSBO; Remembering 1973's Twin Towers

All the gossip from that hot topic, Curbed NY...

1) Midtown/Midtown West: The ridiculous circular penthouse atop the City Spire building, described by its own interior designer as a "horror," is back on the market for $100 million?not even a hair lower than its previous listing. Bye-bye brokers, because this time it's being sold by the very, very smart or (more likely) very, very deluded owner Steven Klar himself. Most expensive FSBO ever? We think so.

2) Financial District: The city stopped to watch as the new World Trade Center reached its full height last week, and we were entranced by this crazy GoPro footage taken from the spire as it was hoisted to its apex. But let's go back 40 years ago, when the original Twin Towers opened their doors. A host of wonderfully nostalgic photos from May 1973 are online, including lots of WTC shots, so do check out these 18 photos of the FiDi when those hulking, matching skycrapers were the new WTC.

3) Midtown/Midtown West: In his latest brazen real estate move, hedge fund mogul Dan Ackman has bought a penthouse at One57 for more than $90 million. He won't live in the controversial tower, though, 'cuz it's just an investment, which he means he definitely won't trip over that two-year-old Chinese buyer's toys.
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