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Marriott At Miami WorldCenter Is Actually A Thing, And Huge

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Holy Crap, while Curbed Miami was sleeping in to a respectable hour, other news outlets were getting their grubby little paws all over the news that the rumored 'Marriott At Miami Worldcenter' is actually a thing. Yep people, this planned massive tower's got 500,000 square feet of convention space and an 1,800 room Marriott Hotel on top. About to be purchased from the Miami Worldcenter peeps by some other peeps, the land - now currently the site of Grand Central Park - is now under the control of MDM Group, which will privately finance the project, although it will still be connected to the Miami Worldcenter megadevelopment when (and if) that on again, off again fantasyland of a city gets built.

The design, by architects Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe & Associates (they of the 'accidental' leak earlier this year) appears to be a rather sleek looking towering rectangle, with swoopy arms reaching out across the site. Oh, and it will be connected via skybridge to the new All Aboard Florida train station downtown, which it is adjacent to. The video below (after the jump) shows an outline of a building on the train station site that looks a lot like a swoopy, modern train station.

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Grand Central Park

700 North Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33132

Future Fec Downtown Miami Station

200 NW 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida