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A Grand Tour Of The Soon-To-Fall Miami Herald Building In Seventy Pictures

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[Photos by Sean McCaughan]

The days are numbered for the old Miami Herald Building, that great big rambling yellow colossus on the shore of Biscayne Bay which is due to be demolished for a new resort megaproject and possibly a casino. On the paper's last day of printing at its landmark home since the 1960s, their urban affairs reporter Andres Viglucci took Curbed Miami to explore the building from top to bottom. We saw the building's stately lobby, chopped up by security gates, the marble-paneled atrium, the Business Room that used to be the paper's main public space before the days of email when people would submit advertisements and classifieds in person, the cafeteria, the News Room, the publisher's suite, the 'Stop The Presses' button (yes, they have an actual button), the publisher's private elevator, and best of all, the printing presses themselves, churning out their last newspapers at a furious pace.

You could smell the ink, feel the history, and feel the sadness of the paper at losing its old home, and also its former greatness. What once was one of the greatest newspapers in the United States is now perhaps a ghost of its former self, and when the paper finally moves to its new home in Doral that ghost will have left the building in which it had its greatest years, and the building in which it won all those Pulitzer Prizes. Farewall Miami Herald Building, farewell.
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Miami Herald Building

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Florida