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Comment of the day

"I live just east of the convention center, and I'm sure the construction will be a pain to deal with. I also see my fair share of convention centers for business, and the MBCC is clearly dated. We are already a top travel destination, have the beautiful backdrop of Miami Beach, ample hotel space, zoning in place, RFP in process, etc... the hard part is done. When the renovation's complete, we'll pick up great global events, high profile business conventions, and even great entertainment events at the revamped Gleason. That will bring long term economic and cultural benefits to the community, not to mention a gorgeous architectural landmark and a revitalization of the surrounding area. Developers are already snatching up dilapidated properties on Washington with plans to convert them into new hotels. I want to see this happen."-anon. [Lone Beach Commissioner Wants To Kill Convention Center]

Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139