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Lone Beach Commissioner Wants To Kill Convention Center

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Miami Beach Commissioner Jonah Wolfson wants the Miami Beach Convention Center redevelopment project stopped because (1) it will create too much traffic (2) although the corruption allegations that derailed the project once were cleared up, that fiasco still tainted the project like a gray hair and hey you never know if there's still something fishy going on, (3) it would be far cheaper to just slap a coat of paint on the place and call it a day. "I would love to just have the whole thing come to an end, in its current shape, its current form," said Wolfson to the Miami Herald. So far he claims to have 3,000 of the required 4,500 signatures to place his measure on the ballot, but even then they would have to be verified and the proposed ballot question would have to be determined to be legal.
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Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139