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"Botox in a Bottle" Debuts at Salon Vaso

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On any given day in this city, you're bound to have at least a half-dozen "Only in Miami!" moments. While the sentiment usually pertains to a particularly bad driver or scandalously scantily clad individual, it's more than just rhetoric at Salon Vaso. Because this South Beach salon - at 1500 Alton Road - is now the only spot in South Florida for ladies and gents to discover the beautifying effects of two exclusive product lines: PHYTO and LIERAC.

First up is PHYTO, the plant-loving hair care line developed nearly 50 years ago by Parisian hairstylist Patrick Alès (who counted Catherine Deneuve and Jackie Kennedy Onassis among his enviably-tressed clients). The line—which promises "more beautiful, softer, and shinier" hair—utilizes more than 500 active botanical ingredients to achieve that goal; we're not entirely sure what that means, but it sounds impressive, right?

Shampoos, conditioners and treatments address such common complaints as thinning hair and sensitive scalp. If you're not quite sure what your hair's problem is, leave it to a professional to diagnose it: through August, salon guests can get a complimentary scalp analysis from a PHYTO professional (May 23rd, June 27th, July 18th and August 15th are the dates this will happen).

But let's not forget the face! On May 1st, Salon Vaso became the first and only salon in America to carry LIERAC, a French dermo-cosmetic line obsessed with keeping its clients looking younger (and a personal favorite of salon owner Vaso Spirou).

"After taking the time to test out so many product lines, I committed to LIERAC simply because I instantly felt and saw incredible results," says Spirou, who just happens to be the mastermind behind the salon's sleek design scheme. "From head-to-toe these products have proven to be essentials in my daily beauty ritual."

Among the youth-inducing products are LIERAC Sunific Aftersun, which moisturizes skin and deepens one's tan; LIERAC Body Slim, which uses caffeine to reduce cellulite; and LIERAC Premium, better known as "Botox in a bottle," which utilizes papyrus and black pepper extracts to keep skin firm. Sure, it may sound like what you ate for breakfast this morning, but with the line's legion of followers français, we say it's worth a shot!