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Tri-Rail Coastal Link Video Rewrites Miami's History, Gives Richard Florida All The Credit

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This promotional video for the expansion of Tri-Rail commuter rail to the Florida East Coast Railway gets hilariously creative with South Florida's history to make its already solid point: that TriRail service should be expanded to that more easterly railroad corridor.

So, according to this oh so sweeping account of Floridian history, Henry Flagler built his railroad, beginning an endless Florida boom until BOOM, the Recession happened, which must have been like some crazy dark age because Miamians totally forgot that the FEC tracks existed and could be used for commuter rail until Superman, a.k.a. noted urbanist Richard Florida, came down here on his winged chariot and told us this golden secret. In the end however, we need Tri-Rail on the FEC tracks, Richard Florida may not be the messiah but he's still an important guy, and this is a really dumb video. Whew!
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