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Here's The Inside Of Downtown's Future Convention Center

If all goes well, this will be the splashy new interior of Downtown's future convention center and 1800 room Marriott at Miami Worldcenter - making it South Florida's biggest hotel. (Take that Fontainebleau!) This image, and the one after the jump, flashed across our screens in the YouTube video the developers, MDM Group, used to announce the project. But apparently they put it together in a report as well, and gave that report to someone who somehow snuck it off to the exMiami people, where it was leaked, wham: the snazzy interior of a convention center that is totally way more beautiful than the current Miami Beach Convention Center, although at just half the size. So, it won't be holding any of the really, really big Art Basel/Boat Show type shows anytime soon.

A cross section, showing the building's vertically stacked convention halls, is after the jump.

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Grand Central Park

700 North Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33132