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Miami Skyscraper Update; It's A City Annexation Frenzy

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· MA surveys Miami's skyscraper scene with this construction update [Metro Atlantic]
· News of a home buying frenzy makes this a feel good Monday [Miami Herald]
· Investors are buying distressed digs in cold, hard cash [Miami Herald]
· Miami buyers shoot first, ask questions later, then finally realize what impulsive boneheads they've been [Miami Herald]
· Homestead thinks i'll really score if the city can annex the Turkey Point power plant [Homestead Is Home]
· An old photo shows Flagler Street in the 1940s when it was Miami's big main street []
· Homestead should move its new city hall to the east side [Homestead Is Home]
· The proposed 836 southward expansion is a highway to more urban sprawl [Homestead Is Home]
· Creepy photos from the last days at One Herald Plaza [Barefoot Mailman 2.0]
· Miami-Dade County has the city annexation bug bad [Homestead Is Home]
· Save the Coconut Grove Playhouse [Grove Grapevine]
· This 'Transit Talk will rev you up for the big Miami-Dade Transit Summit [Transit Miami]
· Check out this superbly crazy yacht currently docked in Miami [Huffpo]
· The Swimming Hall of Fame might breaststroke it from Fort Lauderdale to Cali-for-ni-a [SFBJ]
· Developer plans convention center, Marriott hotel tower [Real Deal]
· Miami leaders are all like 'Yay!' about new downtown convention center [SFBJ]
· The iconic Shore Club, up to its ears in debt, has no choice but to foreclose and sell [Real Deal]
Á Like totally as soon as the real estate market starts thriving, predictions of the end are upon us [Financial Times