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Notes From Metropolis Mag: Faena District Will Kick Global Ass

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Plenty of bold predictions have been made about Alan Faena's new Faena Fantasyland, err we mean the Faena District, under construction right this moment in Mid Beach, but perhaps the most prosaic, and grandest comment comes from Metropolis Magazine's Ian Volner:

"If it proves as successful in America as it did in Argentina, Miami's Faena District could make its creator the world's foremost supplier of ready-made, sophisticated city living." In other words, this mini-neighborhood, if Faena pulls it off, will be some kind of readymade urban utopia with culture, starchitecture, old-school Miami history (it's being built around Miami Beach's first midcentury resort hotel), and a prototype of, like... a locally-customizable, but ultimately typological and replicatable boutique city. If it hasn't been said before (and believe us, it has) Miami may yet again be on the vanguard of luxury living. This is the high style living of the future.

After the jump, check out Rem Koolhaas and OMA's awesome automated parking garage for Faena District.

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Saxony Hotel

3201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Faena House

3301 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida