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Comment of the day

"I have to say that Tishman's design is very clearly presented. Portman seems to have an interesting design, but they don't really explain their goals or central concept. If they can't do that, then I wonder how well-thought-out their design is. What neither of them has done is to incorporate the Metrorail connection to Miami, which is not their fault because that is not their brief from the City of Miami Beach. How can the City be considering adding this much new development and then just dumping it onto the existing street grid, in an already congested island, without offering any relief? Thousands more cars and buses will be coming in daily and the solution is to just make a huge parking structure and and hide it under a fake tropical mountain? This kind of limited and small thinking from the City is very disappointing. Dear Miami Beach City Council: Please WAKE UP, the future is here, we need modern transit systems, not just more parking. Raise your eyes, be world class, this is our opportunity, seize it!"-Evji108 [Revealed, Rem & Bjarke Present Final Convention Center Plans]

Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139