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Airport Dining Guide; Toasted Bagel Company In Brickell

The yummiest from Eater Miami...

1) South Miami: Buns & Buns, South Miami's new upcoming go-to bread spot, is in its final stages of development. Currently, its owners are out traveling the world, picking up the best recipes from all over. Once they return, they plan to get their eatery open sometime in August. Don't expect just breads though, from the looks of their video and some dropped hints, it seems as if though the spot will offer much more.

2) Brickell: A bagelry is opening up right next to Stanzione 87 called Toasted Bagel Company. The owners of the deli are two Egyptian brothers, who've spent the last 14 years running bagelries in New York and Jersey. With all that experience behind them, they promise some seriously legit bagels, so stop by when they open in two weeks.

3) Eater Maps: If you're traveling out of Miami International Airport this summer, you might want to check out our Airport Dining Guide. In there you'll find absolutely every dining option MIA has to offer, plus the terminal and the gate where each is located.
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