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Neighbors Object To Towers Overlooking Greynolds Park

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Following a recent upzoning of land adjacent to North Miami Beach's Greynolds Park - a Depression-era WPA park designed by one of South Florida's most noted lanscape architect's, William Lyman Phillips - a group of NY/NJ developers are planning three towers of ten stories or more overlooking the lagoon area on the eastern end of the park, giving their new hotel and office building project gorgeous park views, but at the same time permanently marring what is now an undisturbed tree line and bringing the city back into the park. The project is slated for land directly to the park's south, at 17400 West Dixie Hwy. In response, park lovers have launched a campaign, including Facebook page, and a lawsuit, against the rezoning. The suit is currently pending in the courts.
· Save Greynolds Park [Facebook]