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Awww Hell, Lisa & Lenny Had A Party At 42 Star Island Drive

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Real Housewife of Miami Lisa Hochstein and her hubby 'Boob God' Lenny had the audacity, the nerve, the cojones, to have a party at their own house! The Miami Herald has the details. Yep, people, the duo had a 'Scarface' themed party at 42 Star Island Drive, the fabulous historic house they want to tear down, and preservationists are pissed about the party. Why? Who the hell knows.

Now, mind you, Curbed Miami has been a strong advocate for the house's preservation. Our articles have caused all sorts of hell for the Hochsteins. But, upset about this party? Nahhh. Let them eat cake! The party was thrown to make fun of all the duck tour boats (those amphibious things you see driving/swimming around) that frequently announce that the classic Miami movie Scarface was filmed there, which it wasn't. The Hochsteins know it wasn't, but that's the point. Might preservationists be pissed because the Hochsteins decorated with fake blood? Well, fake blood washes right off with water, so chill people. And, yes, Curbed Miami thinks the house is structurally sound, but having one party there does not prove that. Having one party there does not make the Hochsteins total hypocrites. A lot of other things make them hypocrites. (see Curbed Miami archives)

No, preservationists have their panties all in a bunch because the Hochsteins have the audacity to have a little fun with the house before they, sadly, knock it down. Preservationists are probably also, dare we say, a little jealous that they weren't invited perhaps? Well, excuse us! Curbed Miami wasn't invited either. And if, god forbid, the house does eventually get knocked down, Lenny has declared that he will have a party for that too.
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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida