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Walking The Now Open-To-The-Public Flamingo Bay Walk

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[Photos by Michael Wayne Cole]

The Miami Beach Bay Walk - an urban amenity that Miami Beach's city planners have long battled for, assembling piece by piece - is a little more complete, with the section behind the Flamingo, Miami Beach's most massive residential development, now finally open to the public. Seriously, it's taken years. Check out this article from 2008, where the Flamingo sued to stop it. Added with bits and pieces to the north and the south, that means this section of the bay walk is now open from Lincoln Court, a half block south of Lincoln Road, all the way to 14th Street where it dead ends behind the Waverly on 14th street. And we sent Curbed photog Michael Wayne Cole down to check it out.

Okay, okay, all of South Beach's bay frontage this is not, but it's a major addition. Now they've just got to figure out how to get the thing all the way down to 5th Street, connecting a few already open spots like behind the Bentley Bay, and then somehow get it under or over the MacArthur Causeway, where the Baywalk resumes its public promenadeness all the way to South Pointe Park. Who wants to guess how many decades that'll take?
· Flamingo sues Miami Beach to block bay walk or get paid for it [SFBJ]