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Lippi to Open at Brickell World Plaza; Nikko by Sunshine

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Eater Miami dishes it...

1) Brickell:According to, Philippe Ruiz' new project, previously to be named Restaurant du Cap, is now called Lippi and will be opening at the Brickell World Plaza. No details yet on opening dates or whether the spot will still be an "up-tempo French restaurant", but stay tuned.

2) Brickell: Seems like Brickell doesn't have a shortage of new restaurants at all. The latest addition, a sushi joint named Nikko by Sunshine. Check out more details on the chef and the food here.

3) Eater Maps: Miami's boiling hot, steamy, sweaty summer is almost here, but not yet! Before it's too late check out our Where to Eat Outdoors Before it Gets Hotter Than Hell map.
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