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Richard Meier Is Designing The Surf Club Now, With Kobi As Second Banana

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The restoration and condo-ization of the grand old Surf Club is being redesigned by world renowned starchitect, Pritzker Prize winner, and white paint addict Richard Meier, according to exMiami. The project was previously designed by architect Kobi Karp, whose monolithic glass box low-rise residential buildings would surround the historic structure, and was a bit of a snoozefest. Not entirely out of a job, Kobi will stay on, probably acting as Associate Architect, or Construction Architect, a position his firm has on numerous projects around town. The Meier design, except for what the doodle above might show, is still a total mystery.
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UPDATE: After an enlightening email and phone call from Kobi's camp, we've learned that (1) The doodle above is in fact by Kobi Karp, and it is excruciatingly important that everyone knows that the doodle is by Kobi, not Richard Meier. (2) The new plans by Meier and Karp have already been submitted to the city of Surfside, and thus apparently cannot possibly be considered a 'mystery,' as we so flippantly stated, above. (3) Kobi is not Richard Meier's second banana. Nor is he Meier's sidekick, wingman, right hand man, Guy Friday, supporting act, sideshow attraction, or understudy.

UPDATE #2: As anyone with access to Google can easily find out (read: Everyone) Richard Meier's signature is on that drawing. Kobi Karp's may be as well. But, not being famous, googling his signature is futile.

The Surf Club

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