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Gloria Estefan Will Turn The Beat Around At The Marine Stadium

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Miami's Gloria Estefan - who once performed at the Miami Marine Stadium in the 1980s, singing on its famous floating stage back when the stadium was used for rock concerts and speed boat races - is now the public face of the Marine stadium's preservation campaign according to the Miami Herald. "We are a very young city, but we've been here long enough to have a history, and it behooves us to save places like this,'' Estefan said to the Miami Herald "I've been around the world, and there is nothing like this anywhere that I've been.''

Hey, we love her because (A) she uses words like 'behoove' and (B) maybe she'll have a revival concert here. (that's what those are called, right?) Because you know we wanna come shake our body, baby do the conga, know we can't control ourselves any longer. Feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger. Don't you try to fight it 'til you do that conga!
· Gloria Estefan Joins Campaign To Save Miami Marine Stadium [Miami Herald]

Miami Marine stadium

Virginia Key, Key Biscayne, Florida