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Another Tower, The Crimson, Popping Up Next To Icon Bay

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Edgewater, which is perhaps Miami's most architecturally disorganized neighborhood, (and that's saying a lot) but also an area with fascinating and sometimes incredibly beautiful architectural variety, better get its shit together or it'll start looking like a mismatched version of Brickell. Case in point is this latest announcement/leak/whatever for The Crimson, which will go next door to the currently under construction Icon Bay, with its own bizarre idiosyncrasies (public park under a building, anyone?), and looks like a mashup between an art school, a bomb shelter, and a hospital ICU. Haha! The one rendering we found of the lobby, however, looks down right awesome.

The building will be on 17th Street and NW 5th Avenue, just to the south of Icon Bay. The exterior renderings are from exMiami. The lobby rendering is from the developer's (the unpronounceably named mckafka development group. Does one capitalize that, or not?) website.

· Crimson | Approved [exMiami]
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