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This Scary Empty Hospital Is Miami Beach's Next Ritz Carlton

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This dump creepy empty hospital is Miami Beach's future Ritz Carlton Residences, according to somebody closely connected with the project who informed Curbed about this at a cocktail party last night. So, hearing the news, Curbed moseyed over the to the developer himself, also at the party, and was all like "guess what I just heard" and he totally did not deny it.

They had previously announced, of course, that the design wiz Piero Lissoni has been hired by Lionheart Capital to turn the former Miami Heart Institute Building on Lake Surprise into luxury condos by complicated process of slicing and dicing the preexisting building instead of knocking it down and starting new, because zoning would only allow a new building of much smaller size, but the fact that it'll be a Ritz Carlton is very new news. And although the project still, still has no name, one can only assume the name will be something like Ritz Carlton Residences Miami Beach. Because 'Ritz Carlton Residences Lake Surprise' just doesn't sound nearly as classy. Renderings this way.
· Former Miami Heart Institute coverage [Curbed Miami]

Former Miami Heart Institute

4701 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida