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Hot Damn. Only 30 Units Left at 190 Unit Echo Brickell

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Big ass Echo Brickell is selling out insanely quickly. The latest behemoth planned for the Brickell skyline, almost as high as the Four Seasons right next door, has reservations for all but 30 of its 190 units, according to a tweet by one of its realtors Aniley Perez. And these kinds of crazy-fast selling numbers seem to be appearing over and over again around Miami. Either this city's a goldmine, or we've learned nothing and are bound to get ourselves in a lot o' trouble all over again. Considering that everyone's still paying in cash, and not mortgages (it's like we're on another planet, where the normal laws of money don't apply) Curbed Miami thinks that so far this city is a-ok. No word yet on whether the penthouse, which architect Carlos Ott will custom design for whomever buys it, has sold or not.
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Echo Brickell

1451 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131