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Architects Propose Giant Waterski Jump For Bayfront Park

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This giant ramp-like building designed by New York based Studio Dror was just announced as the winning entry for the Landmark Miami ideas competition, which asked entrants to submit ideas for a new iconic piece of architecture for Miami, to be located in Bayfront Park. Dror's idea, which looks kind of like a waterski jump for a vacationing Paul Bunyan, is an Eiffel Tower-like monument dropped on its side and filled with exhibition spaces, a theater, a restaurant, and even a library. And although it would be located on what is now dry land, they've dug out the area underneath, creating a little inlet from the bay under the looming triangular thing.

UPDATE: Dear commenters: This was for an 'ideas competition', mean it's not happening. However, it is meant to provoke thought and critical dialogue, so carry on!
· Landmark Miami Winners Announced [DawnTown]

Bayfront Park

301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33131