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Preservationists Lose 42 Star Appeal, But Now It Goes To Court

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In the never-ending saga of Lisa and Leonard Hochstein's house at 42 Star Island Drive (recap here) preservationists have lost the latest battle, but the war is, technically, still on. They've lost their appeal to stop approval of plans for the new Kobi Karp-designed house to replace the historic Walter DeGarmo-designed one, a major blow, and now apparently have to go to court. (They wouldn't be the first to go. The Hochsteins have already sued the city. Honestly, we forgot what happened to that ridiculous suit)

If the preservationists don't go to court, then, according to Leonard Hochstein, his vested rights will stop the house's historic designation process, which technically is still going forward. If they do go to court "They'll lose. They'll delay us and they'll cost us more money, but that's what these people do," according to Dr. Hochstein, which seems more than a bit harsh considering the preservationists' goal is, well, preservation.
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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida