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Most Expensive Listing In Palm Beach Sells For Half Price

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First photo: Robert Stevens/WSJ

A $74 million estate this lakeside Palm Beach mansion on 2.5 waterfront acres is no longer, having just sold for $42 million, or a 43% discount from its listing price. But if it never fetched that price, was it ever really? The 27,000 square foot mansion (possibly actually 20,000. We've seen different figures) features 9 bedrooms, an eye-popping 17 bathrooms (yes, seriously) and has never been lived in. It also has 7,000 square feet of loggias (which could account for the aforementioned differing figures), a 12,000 square foot motor court, a guest house, and a pool with a fountain. All that's known about the buyers is that they are "a very nice couple" and obviously very rich.
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