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The Redbury South Beach, Still Sans Renderings, Will Be Big

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The expansion of chic hotels to the low-rise western side of Collins Avenue along the spit north of Lincoln Road continues unabated with the Redbury South Beach, which was announced in May but still has no current visuals yet to look at. And it's going in an historic midcentury hotel called the Fairfax that's been closed for a long time. And they expect it to open this fall! Sacre bleu!

The hotel, owned by sbe Entertainment Group - which also owns the SLS and Raleigh Hotels across the street, and is partnering with Related on the SLS Brickell, will be the first Miami outpost of the Redbury brand. According to HotelChatter, this is a really big deal. It'll have 69 rooms and suites, be inspired by Miami Beach deco and the brand's Hollywood roots, and come with a 12,000 square feet rooftop pool and event space.

HotelChatter did find one image that may, or may not, still be current to the Redbury, and here it is:

· The Redbury South Beach Is For Real, And Its Opening This Fall Too [HotelChatter]