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Related Finally Reveals Unika Redux, Baltus House

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A long ass time ago (okay, eight months) Curbed Miami got a tip that the Related Group had picked up the old Unika condo tower site for little more than a song, complete with approvals and entitlements for the tower formerly known as Unika. All that we knew at the time was that Related planned to adapt the plans to "current market conditions" and build the damn thing. Eight months later, with plans suitably adapted by architects Cohen Freedman Encinosa, this is the result: Baltus House. Curbed Miami found renderings on both BuzzBuzzHome and exMiami.

Okay, so they're jumping on the "Hey let's get a fancy furniture company to do our interiors and use that for advertising" bandwagon (see Le Parc) but what else is new, or not? The building is upscale, but not super-upscale. The building still has windows and is not entirely floor-to-ceiling glass. The balconies have been glassed though, and made long and contiguous, taking out that silly pattern on the facade. The original 60s era office building hasn't gone anywhere. And, as part of the building's art collection (any Related building worth its salt these days has an art collection) it looks like there's a giant spoof on Picasso's Guernica in the lobby. And finally, once you're a couple floors up, the building has glorious views of Biscayne Bay that, due to the walled single family neighborhood right in front of you (Bay Point), will always stay glorious.
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4300 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL