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The New Touzet Studio-Designed Lincoln Road Apple Store Looks Like An Apple Store

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This is the future Apple Store on Lincoln Road, designed by Touzet Studio and approved by the Miami Beach City Commission, despite reservations by the planning staff that the building did not suitably reflect an historical - but long gone - predecessor. The image popped up on exMiami. The approval finally ends a saga between Apple, preservationists, and the City of Miami Beach, with Gap and Touzet as supporting acts. (see here for a recap) It seems Apple learned from the drama by hiring Touzet, which designed the new Gap building next door that the city just absolutely fawned over. The new design reflects Lincoln Road's original automobile showrooms of the 1920s and 30s, and "makes extensvie use of historic materials such as keystone cladding" according to exMiami. Lesson learned.
· Apple Gets Approval For New Lincoln Road Store [exMiami]