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Rosie O'Donnell Sells Star Island Ganja House For $12.675M

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According to the Real Estalker, who heard it from somebody 'your mama' calls Charlene Chatterbox, Rosie O'Donnell has sold her Star Island hacienda - the house that used to be the HQ of the Ganja fueled Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church, the house with the gorgeous banyan tree in the front yard, the house next door to all that crazy Real Housewife/boob god/preservationist drama - for $12,675,000, significantly under the original ask of almost $20 mill. Did she get sick of all the drama across the hedge/fence/whatever stands between 43 and 42 Star and, after a year on the market, get desperate to sell the place fast? Looks to be a no. According to exMiami, which supposedly saw her talk about it on her own site (although we couldn't find that ourselves) Rosie said "i sold it because we didnt use it that much and it was way big for r needs - and i love it still". Well, gosh Rosie, just gosh.
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43 Star Island Drive

43 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida