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Construction Action Spotted At 500-600 Alton Road Site

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Not more than three months before every architect this side of Biscayne Bay reacted in fear of abject boredom to the watering down of the distinct Miami Beach identity and its first impressions to those arriving by auto, those plans of unoriginality, of NIMBY-conformality, are already being carried out. Those joes at exMiami have spotted that construction has started on the 500-600 Alton Road site, formerly known (when things were a little more interesting) as SoBe Park.

But it's not all bad. The building-to-be are inoffensive in just about every possible way, but are really quite admirable from a pedestrian's perspective. Moody lighting, plentiful DecoBike stations, and interior gardens open to the public will create practically a pedestrian's paradise where a dirt lot and abandoned hospital now stand. Meanwhile, that's not a half bad picture for being snapped while behind the wheel.
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Sobe Park

500 Alton Road, Miami Beach, Florida