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Tibor Hollo Is Thinking Huge At Villa Magna Brickell Site

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According to the wonks at exMiami, mack daddy of development Tibor Hollo has submitted plans for 1,208 residential units at the 2.5 acre waterfront Villa Magna site in Brickell. The massiveness, which will presumably be contained in multiple towers (the site is zoned up to 80 stories), comes along with a wittle bit of retail and a restaurant or two. It looks like the hotel he once planned for the mix will be dropped. But, whatever it is, let's hope it happens soon. The site has recently been paved over and looks blegh. (Note: It's not happening soon. See below.)

UPDATE: According to a Curbed tipster, the blegh looking blacktop is meant to serve as a temporary parking lot during the construction of Miami's next tallest building, Panorama Tower, on the site of a present-day parking garage. The tipster, whose office is in 1101 Brickell Avenue, which will one day adjoin Panorama Tower, says: "So we're basically swapping Brickell's worst parking garage for Brickell's premier surface lot."
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Villa Magna

1201 Brickell Bay Drive, Miami, Florida