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Al Capone's Palm Island House Just Sold For $7.43 Million

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Holy shit. Apparently Al Capone's Palm Island abode has sold, after being on the market for almost a year (just like Billy Joel's and Rosie O'Donnell's places, both of which recently sold as well) for $7.43 million according to realtrix team The Jills. The house, from which Capone supposedly planned the St. Valentine's day massacre and died of syphilis years later, has a plethora of original details including an impressive waterfront pool. Also included in the historic mediterranean revival compound constructed in 1928 is a two-story guest house, a two-story pool house (or 'casino' if you will), seven bedrooms, and a tall masonry wall encircling the property. No word yet on who the new owners are.
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Al Capone's House

93 Palm Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida